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Got an itch that can’t scratch?

Got an itch that can't scratch?

If you’re one of the thousands that “love, love, love” using, you’ll know it’s a game-changer for your efficiency.

You’re probably already using the automations, integrations and views to fine-tune workflows and processes across your whole business.

But you’ve probably also found yourself thinking:

“I wish could do that

Well now it can!

Got an itch that can't scratch?

The Monday Apps Framework is here

The product team have just launched the Monday Apps Framework, and it’s now possible for any organisation to code their own extensions to Monday.

You can now build entire custom applications with that will supercharge your business.

You can:

  • Create custom views
  • Create custom automations
  • Create custom integrations

And there are more capabilities coming! So whether you want a custom data visualisation, an integration with your in-house tools, or even a complete new application built on top of — that’s all now possible.

Got an itch that can't scratch?

Scratching your itch

But what if you can’t spare the design and coding time to bring your vision to life? That’s where the team at Modern Work Apps can step in.

We’re making a bet on the future of collaborative, online tools for work. It’s our business to be Monday App Framework experts; we’ve got already got an app in development ready for the launch of the Monday Apps Marketplace in November.

We want to make your vision a reality too. Let me know what you're looking to do and I'll tell you how we can help.

James Browne, Modern Work Apps